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could use some sanity.: Adventures in airport security....


this situation really sucks, and i don’t want to make light of that fact at all.

however, it’s important to understand a few things about airport security here.

first and foremost, it is designed to keep people safe…

I understand the need for some form of airline security (though I have some sincere doubts that the systems in place do all that much more to increase security).

My issue is not with the security itself, so much - like I said, electromagnets are cool, and the millimetre wave scanner takes just a few seconds longer than the metal detector. My issue is with the agents themselves, who came across as either lacking in training or just straight up unprofessional. They looked at the grommets on my jeans, gave them a quick pat, and dropped it. Why did they need two agents (and me) to pat down the binder which is over swelling and incisions? They didn’t ask me to take off my jeans, so why ask if I could take off the compression vest? Why did they glance at the jeans but pull me aside to spend no small chunk of time mulling over whether or not they wanted to let me go?

It’s like they looked at every piece of evidence pointing to the safest and most rational explanation, and then just scratched their heads and said ‘Wow, this guy is a real mastermind!’

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