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Seventeen Cats on a Red Brick Road







If you are terrified of snakes then I suppose this beautiful Serpents series by Paris based artist Guido Mocafico isn’t really your cup of tea. 

someone please tell me what the first one and the last three are omg

actually I want to know what the black and yellow couple are too I just. These are all really lovely

1: Hairy bush vipers (venomous)

2: Snow Boa Constrictors

3: Scarlet Kingsnake (?)

4: Stinking Godess (??)

5: Royal Pythons

6: Eyelash Vipers (venomous)

7: Green Tree Pythons

8: I want to say Boomslangs though I’m pretty sure they’re not

9: Macklotts / White Lipped Python

10: No idea but they are gorgeous ;_;

3: mountain kingsnake (check their faces)

4:south phillipine/yellow spitting/a million names cobra

8: green mamba

9: white lipped, not macklots

10: black spitting cobra

if you want to get specific, #8 is a western green mamba. the eastern variety typically doesn’t have that black patterning on it.