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Seventeen Cats on a Red Brick Road

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One of my friends made this awesome horror short for a competition!

It’s gorey and super cool, and a perfect way to get ready for Halloween tomorrow, so you all should watch it, and then ‘like’ it!

I could go on about how it’s cool to support filmakers who use diverse casts and that she’s a female, Mexican-Canadian director and that’s really cool too, and not exactly common, but the film also kinda speaks for itself with how rad it is.

(Seriously, it’s 3minutes. You have time for a little gore and vengeance~)

I love creepy disturbing psychological horror.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t also sometimes love a little bit of campy, splattery, gorny horror - especially when it’s done by a really talented and creative friend of mine.

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Simply so grotesquely amazing.


Cao Hui. Visual Temperature - Sofa, 2008. Mixed material of resin, fibre, etc, 98 x 106 x 108 cm.

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Playing house with mommy


Playing house with mommy

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 Victorian diagram of proper finger amputation procedure.


 Victorian diagram of proper finger amputation procedure.

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